The following is an extremely, very short, brief, brief summary. I’ll add more details and expand the summary over time, but I wanted to at least post a basic sketch of where the Chastains came from. And, if you give me ten years or so, I plan on eventually turning all of this into a Chastain Family History book.

The Chastains are originally from the village of Vesc, France, in the former Dauphiné Province. They were Huguenots (French Protestants) who, escaping religious persecution, fled France in 1686. They traveled through Switzerland and into Germany by 1687. Until 1717, they lived in Louisendorf, a colony of refugees. They then moved to Schwabendorf, a nearby Huguenot colony in the German province of Hesse. Here they lived until coming to America in 1860.

In 1860, Peter Alexander Chastain and family sailed to America and were living in Galloway, New Jersey, just outside of Atlantic City. At some point in the late 1860s, they made the move to Roulette, Pennsylvania.

There is more detail in the individual blog posts I’ve made about the Chastain Family. You can either peruse the blog for them or, if you’re only interested in posts on the Chastains, here is a link to Chastain specific posts.