Scattered to All the Winds

A family tree (not mine).

A family tree (not mine).

One of the several thousand books on Huguenots that I checked out from the library is titled Scattered to All the Winds. It’s an account of Huguenot families in Germany from 1685 to 1720. The first thing I did upon grabbing the book was to check the index for Chastain. No luck. However, after some skimming, I did find the following:

Suzanne Aviény, died in Schwabendorf on March 29, 1712, as a married woman; she had married Jean Gautier, hosiery manufacturer. Before 1699, he was a soldier with the grenadiers of Brandenburg. He and his wife lived in Frankenberg after 1705 and have three children baptized there. This Jean Gautier comes from L’Albenc in the Dauphiné (near Vinay); he is the son of Alexandre Gautier and of Marthe Peccat; he died in Schwabendorf on November 23, 1725. His second marriage was to Antoinette Minet, daughter of Pierre Minet and of Jeanne Marechau from Couretron-sur-Seine, in the Champagne, refugees in Homburg vor der Höhe. Jean Gautier had the following brothers and sister: Claude Gautier, husband of Jeanneton or Jeanne Martin (daughter of the Reverend Martin, whose ministry was in in Holzappel and in Schwabendorf); Isabeau Gautier, “living in Geneva in 1709”; also Alexandre Gautier, who lived in Wolfhagen near Kassel and married Anne Pastre.

These names only caught my eye because of something I discovered two weeks ago. Here is some information from The German Huguenot Society that I’ve already posted.

Pierre Chastain was a master surgeon. He was married on February 18, 1717 in Schwabendorf to Anne Marie Gautier. She was born in 1701 in Schwabendorf, so it appears that Pierre moved from Louisendorf because of his marriage to Anne. Anne’s parents were Claude Gautier, a merchant, and Janeton Martin. Pierre died in February, 1731. Anne died on April 11, 1755.

Pierre Chastain, my earliest known ancestor, married Anne Marie Gautier. Anne’s parents were Claude Gautier and Janeton Martin. Scattered to All the Winds doesn’t mention Pierre Chastain, but it does have some information on his in-laws. I now know that Anne’s paternal grandparents were Alexandre Gautier and Marthe Peccat from L’Albenc in the Dauphiné. Her maternal grandfather was Reverend Martin, whose ministry included Schwabendorf. Pierre and Anne’s sons, one of whom I am directly descended from (I hope to discover which), had Gautier and Martin blood in their veins – which means I do too. The Gautiers of L’Albenc and Reverend Martin and his wife are newly discovered branches of my family tree. They’re the first ancestors I can trace back to France.

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