The Schwabendorf Chastains

Church in Schwabendorf, Germany. (Photo by Hydro.)
Church in Schwabendorf, Germany. (Photo by Hydro.)

Well, I heard back from the German Huguenot Society. Unfortunately, they don’t have any records on the Chastain line prior to Pierre Chastain (boooo). However, they did send me some more information about him and two of his sons (yay). There are more details than what I list below such as dates of baptisms, godparents, and miscellaneous items that I can’t translate yet (the notes are in German and French). But here is what I can gather relatively easily.

Pierre was a master surgeon. He was married on February 18, 1717 in Schwabendorf to Anne Marie Gautier. She was born in 1701 in Schwabendorf, so it appears that Pierre moved from Louisendorf because of his marriage to Anne. Anne’s parents were Claude Gautier, a merchant, and Janeton Martin. Pierre died in February, 1731. Anne died on April 11, 1755.

There are also records for two sons of Pierre and Anne. The oldest was named, you guessed it, Pierre. Pierre the Younger was born on December 29, 1718. He was also a surgeon like his father. He married Jeanne Marie Laube in 1760. She was the daughter of Claude Laube and Catherine Gourand. Pierre died on June 9, 1767, and Jeanne died on March, 26 1794.

Pierre the Elder and Anne’s second son, Alexandre, was born on February 5, 1727. He was a farmer and hat maker. On June 5, 1750, he married Anne Marie Grisail, the daughter of Isaac Grisail and Judith Girard. He died March 7, 1793.

I don’t know whether Pierre the Younger or Alexandre is my direct ancestor. Once I receive the Schwabendorf Book of Families, I should be able to trace a direct line from the first Pierre in Schwabendorf, Pierre the Elder, in 1717, to the last Pierre in Schwabendorf, Peter Alexander Chastain I, who left for America in 1860.

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