The Last Chastain of France

Vineyards near Carcassonne, France
Vineyards near Carcassonne, France

The gentleman from Schwabendorf whom I have been corresponding with has recommended two sites to continue my research. The first is the website for The German Huguenot Society. The second is the Archive of the Evangelical Church of Kurhessen-Waldeck. I have already investigated the Huguenot Society’s site and found this list of names. They have over 295,000 records. The PDF I link to shows all of the surnames in these records. Chastain is on the list.

I just finished emailing them a few minutes ago. I asked them if they had information on the Pierre Chastain who moved from Louisendorf to Schwabendorf in 1717. I’m crossing my fingers. I would love to discover where in France the Chastains came from. 1685 was the year of the crisis that led most Huguenots to flee France. That was only 32 years prior to Pierre’s first known whereabouts in Lousiendorf. It’s possible that Pierre was in fact the first Chastain of my line who fled from France. At most, he’s just one generation shy of being the last Chastain born in our ancestral homeland.

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