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    • PVC347F-16C/25/40/64/100 pig valve

      PVC347F-16C/25/40/64/100 pig valve
      PVC347F-16C/25/40/64/100 pigging valve is mainly used for water, oil, natural gas pipeline valve isometric pipeline cleaning pipeline pigging, for transmitting and receiving. ...
    • KTNQPB347F pig valve

      KTNQPB347F pig valve
      KTNQPB347F pigging valve working principle is to pigging by pigging valve into the pipeline, in the medium pressure to promote, the removal of impurities in the pipeline, pigging valve should be used in pairs, its function is to transmit the...
    • KTQ347F pig valve

      KTQ347F pig valve
      KTQ347F pigging valve is a kind of the company R & D and production mainly used for new valve water, petroleum, natural gas and other long-term cleaning pipeline, completed more easily clean pipe, emptying, isolation and sequential transmiss...
    • Pig Valve

      Pig Valve
      Valve for the oil and gas conveying the body made of carbon steel and low steel, and divided into normal and sulfur series. Sulfur resistant valve materials comply with NACE MR01-75 requirements. Carbon steel series applicable temperature is...
    • TP41Y valve sleeve type drain valve

      <b>TP41Y valve sleeve type drain valve</b>
      TP41Y valve sleeve type drain valveis a new type of throttle, stop, the products, the valve using a cage game Legion throttle, with multistage throttle throttle effect, obvious effect, reliable sealing, convenient operation and maintenance e...
    • CNG high voltage sleeve valve

      <b>CNG high voltage sleeve valve</b>
      CNG high voltage sleeve valve Sleeve type high pressure ball valve, high pressure sleeve valve, outlet 6000PSi sleeve type high pressure ball valve CNG valve mainly aims at filling stations, special high-voltage products using the medium of...
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