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    The valve sleeve type drain va

    TP41Y valve sleeve type drain valve

    TP41Y valve sleeve type drain valveis a new type of throttle, stop, the products, the valve using a cage game Legion throttle, with multistage throttle throttle effect, obvious effect, reliable sealing, convenient operation and maintenance e
    • 技術參數

    TP41Y valve sleeve type drain valve

    Applicable temperature: -29 ℃ (-20 ℉) ~ +200 ℃ (392 ℉)

    Valve material: cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel etc.

    Mode of operation: the handle, gear, electric, pneumatic

    Range of use: natural gas pipeline heating pipe network, power plants, oil pipelines and other industrial areas of the pipeline.

    The use of medium: water, gas, oil and other non corrosive media.

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