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    Status China fluorine chemical industry


    China fluorine chemical industry began in twentieth Century 50 time, after more than half a century of development, has formed more categories, with complete variety, and other industries more high-tech industry. The fluorine chemical industry with high technology content, good economic benefits, social benefitssignificantly, and its products are the indispensable supporting material in otherindustries, has been Chinese government included in the "current national focus on encouraging the development of industries, products and technologies", plays an important role in the chemical industry.

    High grade fluorite resources is our country fluorine chemical industry be richly endowed by nature conditions. China is a country with Fluorite Mining of the world's largest exporter of output in 2001 and 2002, Chinese fluorite respectivelyaccounted for 51% of the world's total output and 56%. Fluorite is non renewable resources, in recent years, countries have taken the export quota bidding,fluorite and Fluorite Mining and mineral processing license, the export tax rebatecancellation fluorite and hydrofluoric acid and consider the collection resource tax and other measures to protect the fluorite resources, resources development,from 2000 onwards, China fluorite exports decrease, but China remains the worldthe largest fluorspar export country. For Chinese resources and market considerations, a Multi-National Corporation engaged in research and production of fluorine chemical industry in the Chinese.

    China is the world's superpower fluorine chemical production and consumption. In the recent ten years, the production and consumption of global fluorine chemical industry annual growth rate of around 3.5%, while the average annual growthrate in our country has reached more than 10%, part of the product with an average annual growth rate of more than 25%, very attract sb.'s attention. At present, China based fluoride, fluorine containing ODS and its substitutes,conventional inorganic fluoride salt, six sulfur fluoride, PTFE and ordinaryfluorinated aromatic intermediates industry has been at the forefront of the world.In 2006, China's HF production capacity has exceeded 700KT/A, HCFC22production capacity of over 450Kt/a, ODS substitutes the capacity of more than160Kt/a, aluminum fluoride and cryolite production capacity more than 400Kt/a,six fluoride sulfur capacity of more than 4Kt/a, PTFE production capacity to reach 48kt/a, fluorinated aromatic intermediates production capacity more than 60kt/a.based fluoride production capacity in recent years the increase has been too fast, resulting in vicious competition. The jade of fluorine lining valve adoptspolytetrafluoroethylene as lining material

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