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    Methane chloride industry policy in China

    Industrial policy: in recent years, with support from the state environmental protection department and the chlor alkali industry associations, industrysuccessively conducted CTC banned the import of dichloromethane, chloroform,dichloromethane anti-dumping and cancel the border trade tax double halvedpreferential policies very fruitful work. The implementation of these policies, the vigorous development and other reasons with the downstream industry, will undoubtedly make methane chloride industry ushered in the great development opportunity hitherto unknown. The national development and Reform Commission in June 1, 2011 promulgated "regulations and the" catalogue for the guidance of industrial structure adjustment: methane chloride production devicespecified below 100000 t/a and 100000 t/a and above, no by-product carbon tetrachloride facilities in the restricted category. But so far, this rapid expansiontrend, caused industry enterprises uneasiness: domestic chloromethanesindustry emerged in the fierce competition, the market situation of ups and downs. In order to ensure the health of the industry, the steady development,industrial policy needs to be further modified, perfect

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