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    Company News

    The valve manufacturing industry in the valve Market

    The valve industry in the development of national economy, as an important part of preparation for manufacturing, play a very important role. With thedevelopment of a strong China's real economy and traditional manufacturing industry, valves and related products as the basic indispensable manufacturing production chain, also has made considerable progress, the valve manufacturerlike bamboo shoots after a spring rain like appearance market, as Chinesemanufacturing into the infinite vitality, and its contribution to the national economyis be obvious to people.

    At present, the valve manufacturing industry in our country has been able toprovide for the user departments about twelve categories, more than 3000 models, more than 4000 specifications of products, ultra high pressure valveperformance parameters range from vacuum valve to 600Mpa, cryogenictemperature from -196 degrees Celsius to 570 degrees Celsius temperature. Its main products are basically able to meet the needs of the domestic market, andthe market sets the rate valve, complete sets of ability level and have greatly improved, the domestic valve has a certain promotion foundation.

    Industry prospects

    Sustainable and stable development of state-owned economy. Gradual expansion of investment in fixed assets. In particular several century project "West gas to East", "west to East", "south" and started the project requires a large number of products supporting the valve; in addition, China is faced withthe arrival of the era of industrialization, the petrochemical industry, power sector,metallurgical industry, chemical industry and city construction, the use of valveslarge will increase the demand for valve products. For example, the power industry in the "eleven five" during the coal units in large, medium-sized valves required for the project started forecast total: total demand of 153000 tons valve,the average annual demand of 30600 tons; the amount of aggregate demand valve 3960000000 yuan, an average annual demand amounted to 792000000 yuan. Along with the country to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry policy step by step, general manufacturing industry base will be further focused support. Future market prospects of China's valve industry is very broad.

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