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    專業全焊接球閥制造商 解決方案應用專家
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    About Us

    Wenzhou ZENGTONG valve Co.,Ltd. is a professional engaged in various types of valves,forged steel ball development,production,sales and after sale services in an

    integrated enterprise. Our company production of valves and reliable quality,complete product,selling the country,is committed to forging stell ball valve,cast steel

    valve development and manufacturing. The products are widely used in chemical, petrochemical,oil,paper,mining,power,gas,food,pharmaceutical,water supply and

    drainage,municipal,mechanical equipment,electronic industry and other fields,is a trusted supplier of valves.

    COmpany's existing plant covers an area of 8000 square meters, testing means complete,perfect quality assurance system, using advanced computer aided design and

    computer aided manufacturing, with production,testing equipment and advanced horizontal machining center CNC lathe and three-dimensional coordinate instrument and

    otheradvanced, both for exsting customers to design and manufacture products, development and manufacturing as well as potential customers for new product.

    Wenzhou ZENGTONG valve Co.,Ltd. since its inception,always adhere to the "relying on science and technology,continuous innovation,strict management, the quality policy

    of precision machining" business philosophy. To provide the high quality valve products and more perfect service for the vast number of users.

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