Biographical and Bibliographical Dictionary of Foreign Language Teachers of the German-speaking World, from the Late Middle Ages to 1800

18th century school in Scotland. Couldn't find an image of one in Germany.

An 18th century school in Scotland. (I couldn’t find a German one.)

The post title is the name of another book I found which mentions Pierre Chastain. Based on the title, I was hoping that someone had compiled a modest biography of Pierre. I noticed that many teachers had several pages of biographical information as I flipped through looking for him. Unfortunately, the entry for Pierre is extremely brief. It provides no new information. Still, it’s always a thrill seeing his name on the printed page.

Pierre Chastain—surgeon, apothecary, and schoolmaster

Pierre Chastain—surgeon, apothecary, and schoolmaster

This translates roughly to, “French schoolmaster in Louisendorf from about 1692 to about 1715. It can be assumed that Chastain also taught German-speaking students.”

The book’s original title in German is Biographisches und bibliographisches Lexikon der Fremdsprachenlehrer des deutschsprachigen Raumes, Spätmittelalter bis 1800 (Band 5) by Konrad Schröder

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