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A few weeks ago, I emailed Anne at The French Genealogy Blog. I wanted to thank her for helping me with a breakthrough in my research. A guest post on her site had led me to the discovery of Pierre Chastain’s hometown of Vesc, France. This was something I had despaired of ever uncovering.

Anne, delighted with my email, asked if she could share it. Equally delighted, I told her she could. I’m a week and half late, but I wanted to link back to her post sharing the email. It gives a (somewhat) brief summary of my research and explains how I’ve made it as far as I have. I also recommend every other post on her site. She runs a quality operation over there.


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  1. I’m so glad I came across your letter to The French Genealogy Blog, which lead me to your webpages! I am a descendent of Pierre Chastain & Anne Soblet-Chastain & have been looking for records concerning Pierre Chastain.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Terri,

      There were actually two Huguenots named Pierre Chastain that lived at around the same time. This has confused my research a few times. Your Pierre is more famous. Here is a good website detailing his history and is a good starting point to learn more about him – Your Pierre Chastain married Anne Soblet and, after fleeing France, eventually settled in America. My Pierre Chastain married Anne Gautier and, after fleeing France, eventually settled in Germany. To further add to the confusion, they were both doctors! My family didn’t come over to America until the 1860s, but yours was here by the early 1700s. Your Pierre died in Virginia in 1728, mine died in Germany in 1731. Sorry for the confusion! That website I sent you should help you get started with your research.


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